Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Three Wishes HNT

These top two pictures are my first wish  ... You have to click them to see why they are who they are for.
As you can see in the post under this, I lost my father recently.  Well, So did my dear friend OS.  I wish I didn't have to read texts coming from my dad's phone still.  I wish I could bring them back.  Fuck This YEAR.  Losing my grandmother and a child were hard enough so yeah, I am flipping off the first holiday without our loved ones we lost... That goes for Susie too.  She lost a sister.
My second wishes are for ZigZagMan and his new found love.  I hope it lasts and he has her to kiss when the ball drops.  If not I wish for him to be able to bend spoons.  The ladies would lose their minds. 
My Third One is for Shibari.  I know what it is to spend Christmas alone now.  Completely alone.  I wish no one had to feel this way ever.  I wish I could give her that white Christmas.
Okay that was more than three wishes... I would like to refer you to the picture of me at the top flipping off this year... and that ring I am wearing is one my dad gave me at Scarborough Faire when I was 15.  God I miss him.