Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So They Say It's My Birthday!! HNT

Well, it's her birthday too yeah.... (warning that might be a sad click for you...but I had to put it up.

I am celebrating both of us today.

Go and unwrap me.... :)

Click again for more unwrapping....

You can unwrap some more in the following weeks....this is the start of a series. I'm thin, far too thin, but since this particular birthday is both happy and sad and reflective for me, You will just have to stay tuned :)

Happy HNT!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARLOW!!! I love you.....Sharing a birthday with a lost child is bittersweet for me. I hope you are all going to enjoy my birthday not the photos, but it's also the first day of spring on my birthday. :)

xo- Stealth